Supercharge your life with Mama Power and get the vital nutrition your body needs to thrive. Mama Power products provides the body with phenomenal blends of organic plant fusions, organic fermented plant blends and essential trace minerals for optimal nutritional support. Vitamins, minerals, probiotics, nucleotides and a full amino acid profile are essential to combat daily exposure to toxins, viruses and environmental pollutants. Plant based blends were designed to support peak physical health and recovery from daily stress and illness.


Mama Power was started by Robyn Lev to provide extraordinary nutrition for women, their families and their pets. Women are the backbone of the family and are often the driving force of a families nutritional health. Mama Power products are phenomenal blends of organic plant fusions created from the best raw ingredients. We offer the highest quality greens on the market in order to help people achieve vibrant health. These formulas are sourced from organic raw materials, tested for pesticides and non-organic/organic materials, ie. heavy metals (arsenic, mercury, cadmium, lead, etc.), solvent residues, under goes pathogenic microbiological testing, raw material identity confirmation, moisture content, confirmed potency (when applicable) and energy tested to ascertain harmonic and bioresonance and more.

Mama Power Live Greens is a spectacular nutritional industry first, combining live fermented enzymatically rich multi-greens with probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics. Master Health Formula is our daily multi-vitamin jam packed with organic fermented live greens, organic plant blend and essential trace minerals. Master Immune Formula provides the nourishment needed for immune, brain and respiratory health. Mama Power Max Stress Blend replenishes, rebuilds and repairs the immune system at the cellular level. Max Stress Formula promotes protein synthesis, cellular vitality, beneficial intestinal flora and immune system health. We live in a day when it is vital to supercharge your health. Get the nutrition you need to thrive!


Eat Mama Power Live Greens to strengthen your immune system and start your day off right. Organic Plant Blend with Prebiotics, Probiotics and Postbiotics - Fermented for Maximum Immune Support. The ancient practice of fermenting foods has been used for thousands of years to create more easily digestible, nutrient-rich foods and for gut health. Eating fermented foods promotes a healthy digestive system as the living bacteria called microbes involved in the fermentation process creates enzymes, amino acids and vitamins. The organic fermented blend of seven live supergreens: Kale, Chlorella, Cilantro, Oat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa and Spinach, combined with Lactobacillus Reuteri creates a powerful blend. *Pets thrive on daily use..


The Master Health Formula is a daily multi-vitamin designed to support the body in stressful times when nutrition is paramount. This high potency, organic plant based vitamin and mineral blend provides a broad spectrum profile of potent and pure naturally occurring phytonutrients to support the ideal cell resonance of the body’s organs and glands. The Master Health Formula provides exceptional brain and body nutrition for optimal cognition, intestinal support for gut health, potent botanicals for energy and mood regulation, cardiovascular support and contains postbiotics which facilitate thousands of chemical reactions in the cells in the body for the body to work at its optimal health.


The Immune Health Formula features the exceptional amino acid, NAC (N-Acetylcysteine), an essential building block of protein in the body. As a precursor for glutathione, NAC enhances glutathione production, promotes the excretion of heavy metals, assists in maintaining a strong microbiome, helps repair damaged liver cells and detoxify the liver and provides allergy support. Glutathione, the body’s most powerful antioxidant, scavenges and eliminates free radicals and heavy metals, replenishes natural antioxidant levels and repairs liver damage and reduces inflammation caused by oxidative stress. In addition, this formula supports the respiratory and immune systems.


REPLENISHING, REBUILDING AND REPAIRING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL Max Stress Formula promotes protein synthesis, cellular vitality, beneficial intestinal flora and immune system health. This formula has a proprietary nucleotide blend that contains mixed 5’-ribonucleotides. Nucleotides provide the basis for all cellular structure, including RNA and DNA. This formula also includes full spectrum support blend that supplies a broad range of biocompatible botanical agents that offers a complex phytochemical profile for additional nutritional support.


LIGHT is essential to our bodies! In sunshine we absorb light energies from the sun. When we consume green plants we take in multiple light frequencies. Photosynthesis transforms the sun’s light frequencies into green plants, trees, grasses and herbs – which when consumed, are able to release nutrients and multiple light frequencies into the cells of the body.

Optimal health relies on this magical light energy. Your cells love light and start dancing when they receive the magical light frequencies from the sun and potent botanicals. Notice the difference you feel after a brisk walk or time spent outdoors in sunshine. Master Health Formula and Immune Health Formula both provide a daily nutritional boost of bio-available light energies, they:

• Allow for the assimilation of the full spectrum of this light bioenergy throughout all the cells of the body.
• Combine this light bio-energy with living nutrients that can be rapidly absorbed and assimilated into the cells of our bodies.

All ingredients are:
• Sourced from the best raw ingredients
• sourced from high quality raw materials
• tested for pesticides and non-organic/organic materials, ie. heavy metals (arsenic, mercury, cadmium, lead, etc.), solvent residues
• undergoes pathogenic microbiological testing
• raw material identity confirmation/moisture content
• confirmed potency (as applicable)
• energy tested to assess harmonic and bio-resonance

Many multi-vitamin products on the market are simply devoid of this amazing “light” bio-energy concentration due to the use of synthetics, undesirable excipients, or the fact that their vitamins are highly heated, which destroys the beneficial effect of natural phytonutrient compounds.